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The University of Louisville Department of Orthopaedic Surgery residency program is a 5 year program that revolves around a vibrant medical community in downtown Louisville, KY. First and foremost, orthopaedic residents help care for the more than 3,000 trauma admissions annually; providing complex fracture care as part of the regions only Level 1 Trauma Center. Residents also spend time at the Norton Leatherman Spine Center and the Kleinert Kutz Hand Care Center. Both of these nationally renowned centers attract patients from around the region and country, giving residents a chance to experience both basic and extraordinarily complex pathology. The final downtown tertiary referral center is the Kosair Children’s Hospital which now boasts 4 fellowship trained orthopaedic surgeons. All within three blocks of each other, these centers of excellence deliver hands on education and unique pathologies on a daily basis.

Outside of downtown, residents do spend some time at several community hospitals with a variety of fellowship trained physicians to learn both basic and complex foot and ankle surgery, reconstruction, arm and hand surgery, arthroscopy, and joint preservation techniques. Working one on one with local physicians, education and technical skills are emphasized.

At the University of Louisville, education is a top priority and protected time for lectures, fracture conference, OITE review, arthroscopy skills development, and fresh tissue dissection is provided to residents. This ensures that residents graduate with both the technical skills and orthopaedic knowledge to succeed in fellowship and beyond.

Doctors demonstrating for a resident

Doctors demonstrating for a resident

Dissection Lab

Microsurgery Course

Developed by University of Louisville anatomist and microsurgery pioneer Dr Robert Acland and now taught by Dr Gustavo Perez-Abadia, the Microsurgical Techniques course is provided to all residents. This intensive 5 day course begins with microsurgical principles and includes arterial and venous end to end anastomoses, end to side anastomoses, and interpositional grafts. Although designed to teach students with no prior microsurgical experience, physicians and fellows from around the world use this course to develop or perfect their microsurgical skills.

Arthroscopy Lab

The University of Louisville Arthroscopy Laboratory provides residents with state of the art arthroscopic equipment and readily available fresh tissue specimens to develop and maintain basic and advanced arthroscopic techniques. Junior level residents under the tutelage of Dr Ed Tillett work through an arthroscopic curriculum beginning with diagnostic arthroscopy and finishing with complex anatomical reconstruction of the shoulder and knee. Residents not taking part in the curriculum are free to improve arthroscopic techniques and motor skills and pursue research projects in the laboratory.

Fresh Tissue Dissection Laboratory

A great asset for all at the University of Louisville, the nationally recognized Fresh Tissue Dissection Laboratory provides students, residents, fellows, and faculty fresh tissue specimens for a variety of educational and research purposes. Developed by Dr. Robert Acland and now under the direction of Dr. Nicole Herring, the laboratory continues to remain dedicated to teaching anatomy, training surgeons, and promoting research within all surgical fields. The University of Louisville Department of Orthopaedic faculty and residents alike utilize the lab both day and night to learn and relearn essential anatomical relationships, perfect surgical approaches and pioneer new surgical techniques.

Dissection Lab Dissection Lab
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